Creating a Toasty Warm Bathroom

Bathrooms tend to be cold and wet , making it unpleasant to enjoy using it. Here are some ideas to create a warm and toasty bathroom by adding or changing some elements.

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Install a steam shower

Installing a steam shower will allow you to experience the joy of a warm shower and an entirely warm bathroom.

Invest in a heat retaining tub

This classic free-standing copper bath tub will keep your water warmer for longer with the heat retaining properties of copper.

Add rustic finishes to create warmth

Creating a rustic bathroom setting by applying stone features would add a surprisingly warm touch.

Add a sauna to your bathroom

The Sauna stays very warm inside, thus adding this element to your bathroom will add a warm ambiance to your bathroom.

Adding wooden elements to your bathroom

Wood being a natural heat retainer will do wonders for your bathroom. Simply replace the old tile vanity with a wooden one to add a warming atmosphere in the room.