Bedroom Trends for the Little Ones

Children's room should be fun to decorate and need not tie you down into one style of color scheme for years. With these clever ideas for children's room trends, you will be amazed at how easy decorating can be.

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Grey is good

All shades of the color grey are making their way into kids' design. Grey tones coupled with soft colors like yellow, pink or tangerine remain serene and soft but with a modern twist.

Mini Seating

Forget the traditional, bulky ottoman. Poufs are popping up all over the place.

Custom Lofts

Traditional bunk beds are one thing, but taking sleeping arrangements to soaring new heights is another.

Emphasize theme with changeable decor

Sometimes parents worry about decorating rooms to their child’s tastes because their child’s interests change regularly. However,the key is to incorporate these themes into decor pieces that are easy to change.