Exciting ways to brighten up your room with Cushions

Does your room or area seem dull and you have a need to brighten it up? Try adding some color by adding some throw pillows or cushions to your bed or couches. They instantly brighten up your area and are easy to replace.

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Gold and Bold


A large gold decorative pillow brings a touch of unexpected color to this small seating area.

Rainbow Hues


This white living room gets its burst of color with an array of vibrant decorative pillows on the window seat and couch.

See of Turquoise


These eye-popping turquoise pillows are especially noticeable among light furnishings and pastel accessories.

Natural Palette


Green, yellow and brown decorative pillows brighten up a solid tan couch with a natural — but lively — color palette.

Pastels and Corals


By repeating a specific color hue in the room, balance is created as well as an array of exciting color schemes.