Ideas to decorate and utilize your Roof

Having an accessible roof on top of your apartment can be very exciting, especially for decorating it with wall plants or simply adding furniture to enjoy in a functional way.

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Dining Alfresco

Take in the exciting city sights and sunsets from a terrace by adding a dining table and chairs. This setup is also ideal for entertaining. Who doesn't like dinner with a view?

Roof Office

Investing in weather-resistant outdoor furniture like benches and coffee tables opens up new possibilities. Don't have enough space for a home office indoors? Take your work to the roof deck on the next sunny day.

Add the elements

Make your limited outdoor space feel more exotic and relaxing by adding other elements, like this stylish water feature.

Work those walls

Brick walls may seem like wasted outdoor space, but it's all about thinking vertically. This living wall adds a touch of green and whimsy to an alley, and it can to your backyard, too