How to decide upon the colors for your color scheme

Decorating and finishing an interior space can be be quite daunting when it comes to deciding upon the final color scheme and tones. Here are some tips on where to start before you decide.

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First consider the color scheme

There are four types of color schemes namely monochromatic, analogous, contrasting and complimentary. Once you have considered the scheme first, then you can go on to the next step.

The color wheel

Once you have chosen your color scheme out of the group, you can move on to the color wheel where you can see which colors to apply to which color scheme.

60-30-10 Rule

Divide your color sections in a space by using 60% for the dominant color, 30% your secondary color and your accent color should be 10%.

Go with the architecture

If you are unsure which color scheme and tones to apply, have a look at the existing architectural features of the area and apply the theme for example this images portrays Tuscan architecture with a light color scheme.