Deciding upon which upholstery fabric type to choose PART 1

With so many fabric choices available each with its unique feature and purpose, one cannot help but feeling somewhat indecisive. With this two-part blog on the most popular fabrics, you will be one step closer to making your decision.

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Brocade can be described as an elaborate fabric often with a floral damask pattern. When used for upholstery, it should be used for occasional use because of its tendency to snag and abrade due to its tight weave.


Crewel, a wool yarn embroidery that is usually stitched on a coarse cotton or linen ground. The typical large-scale patterns work best on flat applications.


Chenille features cut yarns that give this casual fabric a plush texture. Chenille upholstery is sturdy, but it will stretch and sag if not backed.


Chintz is a glossy cotton fabric, solid or patterned. It is also highly suitable for upholstery and slipcovers because of its strong resin finish.


Most absorbent cotton accepts brilliant dye and resists sun damage. Comfortable, durable, cleanable, and economical, cotton is a great upholstery choice for furniture used daily.