Why Pop-Up shops?

Why do we see so may pop-up retail shops lately? And most importantly, do they work? Here are some benefits to why a brand, existing or new, should consider opening a pop-up shop.

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It’s affordable


Because of the small size of the shop and the temporary operating arrangement it carries, the amount of rent to be paid is much less than a permanent store.

It encourages instant sales


Because shoppers see the pop-up shop as being temporary, they feel the need to buy the item on display instantly before the store closes down and they may not find the item again for the same price.

It’s a short term commitment


Because of the pop-up shop only going to operate for a few weeks or months, no long term lease and rental commitments have to be made.

It generates a “buzz”


One of the main reasons and best marketing tools associated with pop-up shops is that they draw a significant amount of customer attention known as the “buzz”.