Masculine kitchens: For men who love to cook

Kitchens were once considered as the land only for women, but this is not the case anymore. Nowadays, many men love to prepare some food as well as women. And since men don't generally feel comfortable cooking in a bright or colorful kitchen, many kitchens are designed to reflect his style and personality.

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Exciting Ebony

This typical men's kitchen is made from rich, dark ebony melamine, which accentuates the masculine feel of the kitchen.

Bamboo & Mosaics

This combination of dark melamine, bamboo, island and mosaic splash back, all in neutral colors, perfectly compliments the masculine kitchen.

Charcoal Kitchen

This image showcases a darker grey or charcoal color scheme which makes for a perfect combination for a male version of a kitchen.

Gluckkstein loft1

This masculine kitchen showcases a classical spin to it with the classical silver lines displayed on the island.