Creative Custom Rugs

Nowadays you can simply source an image and have a beautiful synthetic or woolen rug custom made for your area. Below we have some ideas of how extensive your imagination can go about choosing a design.

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Colorful spectrum of blocks

To add some excitement in your somewhat dull and monotonous home, try this color popping bright rug.

Triangle Party

As we are headed for a patterned season of trends, this rug completely fits into trend as well as into season with its triangles and rustic tones.

Playful Pencils

This rug is perfect for a kids' playroom or even a nursery. The pop of colors instantly blows a refreshing atmosphere into your room.

Blossoming Spring

For a different take on a custom rug, have a look at this amazing depiction of a flower, and it is perfectly handwoven into a rug. Perfect for Spring.