Valuable small space hacks

Because most of us need to get by in a small living space, these ideas do come quite handy. Professional Interior Decorating and Design teaches us to overcome certain obstacles in our living spaces and we have listed 4 of these tips.

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Semi-opaque walls for more light in the room

If you are still in the design phase, or can afford to make alterations, then try adding opaque walls rather than solid walls. They will create more light in the room which in turn will allow the space to seem bigger.

Open space interior decoration

When you have just moved in, consider decorating with "open-plan" furniture in mind. Choose pieces that are simple in design to enhance the size of the room.

Floor to ceiling Book case

If you love reading and want to incorporate a bookshelf into your room, have it made from the floor to ceiling. This will lengthen the appearance of the walls.

Extend your living room outside to your porch

The best way to enlarge your space, is to extend a room. In most cases, if you have an outside closed off porch, consider breaking down the walls and extend the living room into it, making it one big room.