Sound Matters

Architects and designers should consider the sound of interior finishes and the overall ambiance that certain sounds would make in an area before implementing their designs.

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The experience vs the look influencing the sound

If the architect tried to create a quiet and calming space, he should also have considered the use of this specific area, being a restaurant, and that certain noises will be created through the dining experience of people that would have an opposite influence on the calm space longed for.

High vs low ceilings

Ceiling height has a definite influence on the sound in the room. A low ceiling would muffle sound as where a high ceiling would create a sound reflecting effect, creating a more audible sound.

Solid vs hollow core doors

There is differentiation in sound when comparing the sound that a hollow core door makes when closing it to the sound that a solid door makes. The solid door can be perceived as being more stable and luxurious.

High windows on an upper level

When installing high windows on an upper level apartment, consider the noise that will be coming from the streets when planning your design.