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Latest in Flooring Trends

Flooring will always be a decorating trend and with this rapid growing market we like to stay up to date with the latest trends such as these we have sourced fo Read More

Dining room trends

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A powder room to make a statement

Your guests should always feel welcome and impressed with your powder room. Below are ways to implement various styles into your powder room. Read More

Small-space design rules to break

Designing a small space need not have to be the way the rule book prescribes it to be. Bellow are designs proving that breaking the rules can be rewarding. Read More

Ideas to decorate and utilize your Roof

Having an accessible roof on top of your apartment can be very exciting, especially for decorating it with wall plants or simply adding furniture to enjoy in a Read More

Exciting ways to brighten up your room with Cushions

Does your room or area seem dull and you have a need to brighten it up? Try adding some color by adding some throw pillows or cushions to your bed or couches. Read More

Decor Trends Inspired by Summer

Summer is an inspirational time of fun and happiness. We have found some Summer inspiration in these decorating trends. Read More

Bedroom Trends for the Little Ones

Children's room should be fun to decorate and need not tie you down into one style of color scheme for years. With these clever ideas for children's r Read More

Outdoor Furniture Trends

Taking your indoors outdoors? Outdoor furniture trends are becoming increasingly popular. Here are some of the latest outdoor furniture trends. Read More

Floating Finishes and Furniture Trends

Floating furniture and accessories are becoming fast emerging trends simply because it saves space and possesses a minimalist look that compliments a contempora Read More