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Latest Color Trends

Color forecasters have already predicted what color your bathing suit will be for the year, while you're still deciding where to spend next year's sum Read More

Trends to Turn your Windows into Focal Points

Whether you want to turn heads to your windows or simply make a stylish statement, choosing window coverings should be thoughtful consideration to create your p Read More

5 New bathroom trends

As the décor trends emerge year-by-year, we have sourced 5 Bathroom trends that have become increasingly popular and in demand by home owners and stylists alik Read More

Classic Boho Bathroom

Make a big impact with limited space and create your own Bohemian Chic style bathroom, while maintaining the vintage and original rustic features of your proper Read More

Tips on Creating a Cosy Guest Bath

When you have guests over at your place, it is important to make them feel as though they are in a home away from home. Create that 5 star spa experience with i Read More

Elements of Ice and Fire: Marble and Wood

Marble is known to be a design element that gives off the feeling of opulence and excess. This coveted natural material instils a feeling of timelessness and ac Read More

Creating Luxurious Spaces: Marble

When one speaks of luxurious interior décor, marble is definitely on the list. This precious rock has seen its way into lavish palaces and home. Whether in sla Read More

Tapping on Faucets

Interior décor is all about piecing together beautiful yet complementing elements of design together. Faucets are often overlooked when decorating the bathroom Read More

Appreciating Minimalistic Baths

'Less is more', an idea best defined by the minimalist concept. Sometimes, a bath space is one that does not require extravagant lighting and décor. Read More

Fusing with Industrial Concept

The industrial concept is a design that highlight the beauty of each material used in the space. Unpolished materials such as concrete is often used to bring ac Read More