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5 Tips to Create a Harmonious Vibe

The home is a sanctuary for the wearied soul. Creating a happy vibe to uplift your spirit does not mean that you have to remodel your whole space. This just req Read More

5 Stunning Subdue Interior Spaces

Muted colours emit a sense of calm and overall tranquillity. Despite its subdue characteristics, these colours leads you by the hand into a sanctuary that is no Read More

Decorating A Small Bathroom

Small spaces do not mean that design has to be compromised. The key to decorating a small space is to create a focal point that will deviate attention away from Read More

Tips on Decorating the Bath Vanity

When it comes to interior decorating, the bathroom is space that is often neglected. While it is an area that one does not spend majority of their time in, it i Read More

Industrial Chic Baths

A true industrial concept space emits a sense of rawness with its unfinished metals. This constructed look in black metals and tiled walls give a sense of chic Read More

Affluence in Monochrome Bathrooms

A combination of sophistication - black and white schemes evokes a timeless sense of a la mode. Uncover the different looks that these neutral colors can offer Read More

Subway-Styled Bathrooms

Inspired by the tiling designs of the subway, let this underground style see the light of day. Be surprised at how this seemingly casual design make a turn for Read More

Vanity for The Fairest of All

Every lady requires a good vanity to prep at before heading out. Whether she is one that is very particular about how she looks or would be fine with just a bru Read More

Walking into a Wardrobe

The dream of any fashion lover is undeniably the walk in wardrobe. It is a private space for the storing of all your prized high fashion pieces,and a place that Read More

Drawn to the Fine Metallic Walls

Be drawn like flies to the magic, that is - metallic wallpapers. These wallpapers take on more life than matte finishes, for one it adds dimension to a flat spa Read More