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Kid's Woodland Bedroom

Not every child has the chance to enjoy the greatness of the woodlands. For the city child that dreams of running barefooted down the forest trail, recreating t Read More

Make Room for the Sports Enthusiast

In any phase of a person's life, there is something that he or she is passionate about. For ardent sport fans, these rooms can help you to create your drea Read More

Vanity for The Fairest of All

Every lady requires a good vanity to prep at before heading out. Whether she is one that is very particular about how she looks or would be fine with just a bru Read More

Walking into a Wardrobe

The dream of any fashion lover is undeniably the walk in wardrobe. It is a private space for the storing of all your prized high fashion pieces,and a place that Read More

Head Up for Headboards

Headboards don't really serve the function of room decor. That's the thought you will have before you realise how wrong you can be. Look at headboards Read More

Drawn to the Fine Metallic Walls

Be drawn like flies to the magic, that is - metallic wallpapers. These wallpapers take on more life than matte finishes, for one it adds dimension to a flat spa Read More

Go Bar Karting

Spirits, wine or even mocktails for the kids, these great tasting beverages deserve a good space to stored. Bar karts are one option apart from bar counters. Th Read More

Canopy for Privacy

Canopies give a sense of luxury and effortless class to a bedroom. Mainly used for privacy purposes, now most are using it as a form of décor. Discover more lo Read More

Hotel Inspired Bedrooms

One of the highlights of travelling is probably staying in the hotel. Imagine stirring up in your fresh pressed soft white sheets to a beautifully decorated roo Read More

Unexpected Guests

Whenever a guest drops by unannounced, hosts are bound to get flustered. This is even more so when they decide to stay the night. With that, considering a guest Read More