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5 Interesting Terrariums

Terrariums are all the rage when it comes to having indoor plant d├ęcor. Take delight in these fun sized greenery packed with an interesting twist. Nothing is w Read More

Tie Back the Curtains

Curtains are functionally used to prevent light from entering a space. When it is not doing that, curtain tie backs facilitate in introducing light to the space Read More

Falling for Autumn Decor

Summer is coming to an end and one can feel the cold weather on the horizon. Start to make subtle changes to your home decor with fallen leaves and orange hues Read More

Of the Same Kind

Walls are the canvases of the home. They offer a place for the creativity to blossom. Rather than putting up the conventional painting, why not try to reinvent Read More

A Simple Entrance

Entrances came in many forms. Most feels that only grand entrances leave an impression, however, simplicity does its fair share of creating an impact. Read More

Kid's Woodland Bedroom

Not every child has the chance to enjoy the greatness of the woodlands. For the city child that dreams of running barefooted down the forest trail, recreating t Read More

Captured in Polaroid

Take a photo and it lasts for a lifetime. Hanging up polaroids and photos of all your precious memories in the most creative way for the most personalised space Read More

Plate Them Up

Tableware can serve more than just its function of holding food. These days, fancy plates are finding themselves more so as a wall decor than a table accessory. Read More

A Pop of Art

Significant in the art scene during the late 50s and early 60s, pop art is now a much prized decor in spaces. These often bright art pieces features people, thi Read More

Decorating the Lounge

There will be one particular chair in the space that one calls the throne. Either one finds comfort in sitting on it, or love the way it looks, the accompanying Read More