37 Ideas Found

Step Up on Stair Design

Decor on stairs are much neglected. But if one were to put a little effort into decorating this common space, it can do wonders to the overall concept of your s Read More

Keeping Wine for the Thirsty

For wine enthusiasts, it is important to have good wine rack to store all that fine wine. Unique wine storage ideas ensure that you'd be wanting to invite Read More

Veranda Retreats

In a world full of stress, find solace in your own home. Revamp your veranda into a spot for rest or even invite your friends over to chat until dawn. Read More

5 Beautiful Window Seating

Many love the romantic idea of having a window seating area - to read a book, snuggle up or even just enjoy the sight of a summer afternoon shower. Decorating i Read More

Drawn to the Fine Metallic Walls

Be drawn like flies to the magic, that is - metallic wallpapers. These wallpapers take on more life than matte finishes, for one it adds dimension to a flat spa Read More

Go Bar Karting

Spirits, wine or even mocktails for the kids, these great tasting beverages deserve a good space to stored. Bar karts are one option apart from bar counters. Th Read More

Home Bars for the Casual Drinkers

Alcoholic beverages is now within hands'reach with your very own mini bar. Whether to entertain your guests with fancy signature cocktails or just to chill Read More

Plans for Sunday Laundry

The laundry room is probably the single most used room in the home. That said, hours would be spent on sorting colours and whites, drying, ironing and folding. Read More

Retro Living in the Present

Get in tune to the sounds from the 70s'. Spaces of that time are reflective of the functionality and simple, sleek furnishing. The design is easily recogni Read More

Decor Tips for the Budding Musician

Musicians don't have time to decorate their space, that's why they get professional interior decorators to do the job. For rookie musician wannabes, t Read More