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Decorative "Happy" Tiles

While we already have "happy" socks, now we also have colorful "happy" tiles, making its debut as a current decor trend all the way from tra Read More

Kitchen Cabinets: Replacing or refacing

The option to keep your existing cabinets and refacing them, or to completely re-install new cabinets can be quite daunting. Here are some things to consider w Read More

Rustic old doors transformed into charming headboards

If you want a headboard for your bedroom that would stand out as a feature but you have a limited budget or limited ideas, then perhaps think of trying to re-us Read More

Modern reception areas

We live in a modern era where modern decor is unique and up to date with the latest innovations in the manufacturing of functional units and the technology behi Read More

Asian Inspired Decor Trends

Asian decor has inspired many generations of designers and decorators alike. Here are some of the trends we like and will incorporated it into any style. Read More

Why Pop-Up shops?

Why do we see so may pop-up retail shops lately? And most importantly, do they work? Here are some benefits to why a brand, existing or new, should consider ope Read More

Have a look at these paper interior decorating trends

Great ideas for inexpensive and simple interior decorating is to decorate your walls and lighting finishes with paper decorations. Read More

Creating your children's themed bedrooms

Looking for interesting ideas for your kid's theme room? Below we have sourced some interesting ways to design the fairy tale room your kid desires. Read More

Bedroom Trends for the Little Ones

Children's room should be fun to decorate and need not tie you down into one style of color scheme for years. With these clever ideas for children's r Read More

Outdoor Furniture Trends

Taking your indoors outdoors? Outdoor furniture trends are becoming increasingly popular. Here are some of the latest outdoor furniture trends. Read More