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Tips on Creating a Cosy Guest Bath

When you have guests over at your place, it is important to make them feel as though they are in a home away from home. Create that 5 star spa experience with i Read More

Updating the Conventional Mirror

Reflective surfaces are a wonder to work with in interior spaces. While it gives off a feeling of austerity, this design element is much used in interiors due t Read More

A Space of Character

An interior space that does not have a touch of quirk can appear too perfect, and that in a sense can give off a static feeling. It does not matter what type of Read More

Brightening up with Floral Patterns

In the height of summer, what better way to celebrate the sun than to introduce bright floral patterns into your space? Bold and has the ability to stand on its Read More

Sequinned Interiors

If one ever considers to bring shine into their space, sequins can do the job just as well as crystals and reflective surfaces. These tiny and sparkly discs pac Read More

Embroidering Interiors

The fine art of embroidery takes more than just nimble fingers, but an eye for the bigger picture. Discover the various possibilities of incorporating this intr Read More

Creating Luxurious Spaces: Marble

When one speaks of luxurious interior décor, marble is definitely on the list. This precious rock has seen its way into lavish palaces and home. Whether in sla Read More

Following the Lunar Patterns

The moon has a magnified mystifying presence. Man's unceasing fascination with this illuminating natural satellite stretches to this very day. Be enchante Read More

Tapping on Faucets

Interior décor is all about piecing together beautiful yet complementing elements of design together. Faucets are often overlooked when decorating the bathroom Read More

Soak up the sun with outdoor bars

Summer means it is time to soak up the sun. With the bright weather, it only does justice to the season if one sit outdoors and take in the fresh breeze. What b Read More