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Bringing tropical elements into your home

With the coming of the warmer months, it might be a good time to bring in some fun with summer themed furnishing and patterns. Palm trees and pineapples are jus Read More

Make a Bold Point in your Kitchen

The kitchen is often designed to give off a hospitable vibe. While light colours are a favourite choice due to its ability to last for the long haul, bright hue Read More

Expensive Interior on a Budget

To create your dream interior takes more than just time and a good eye for design, it also means that you have to get plenty of funds to pull off. For the astut Read More

5 Tips to Create a Harmonious Vibe

The home is a sanctuary for the wearied soul. Creating a happy vibe to uplift your spirit does not mean that you have to remodel your whole space. This just req Read More

Designing with Statement Lighting

Light fixtures are one of secondary design elements in interior décor. Although it takes up the least percentage of the space, light fixtures can direct the fl Read More

Open Concept Wardrobe Ideas

The traditional wardrobe, dressers and walk-in spaces has been dominating the clothing storage in interior for a long time. With open concept design becoming po Read More

Statement Dressers for your Bedroom

To most, the bed is undoubtedly the main focal point of the bedroom. However, it is also important to have supplementing décor and furnishing to bring out the Read More

Tips for a Comfy Balcony

The balcony may not be the main feature of your home, but this supplementary space can be an extension of your lifestyle. Whether you like to unwind to a good b Read More

Delightful Nursery for the Little One

Welcoming the little one takes more than just preparing a space for the nursery. When decorating, one should consider what stimulates and create a point of inte Read More

Statement Walls in Neutral Spaces

Most small homes are usually set in neutral tones in an attempt to give an impression of a wider space. Often times, personality can be lose with the influx of Read More