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Decor for the Wanderlust

Most individuals would love to drop everything and go on an escapade around the world. This wanderlust spirit can be brought to life through various home décor Read More

Gold Dust

To some, the colour gold symbolises boldness and luxury. This spirited colour can be used to accentuate a space, bring attention to a feature or just simply to Read More

5 Decorating Tips for Easter

Easter is a celebration of the coming for Spring. One can start to breathe in the fresh breeze and take in the fresh sights offered by newly sprouted plants. Br Read More

Maintaining Bedroom Privacy

Whether in open concept spaces or not, when it comes to the sleeping area, some prefer to have more privacy than others. Here are various tips on creating a pla Read More

Inspiring Workstations

When it comes to work stations, it is ever so important to have an inspirational board to keep track of all your ideas. While it is practical, why not steer tow Read More

Crates for Storage and Decor

Crates are used to store all sorts of knick-knack. Often tucked away in a corner, this usually hidden storage system is beginning to see the light of day. Disco Read More

Runner's High

Speaking about décor, table and floor runners are often the least of one's mind. Just like carpets and rugs, runners provide more than just a décor to th Read More

5 Interesting Tiling Patterns

Tiles are great interior installations. Whether used for walls or flooring, it brings intricate details to the space. Get inspired by the age old tiles with its Read More

Decorating with Tree Barks

Cork is often used as a notice board. However, this material is versatile and can be used in many interior concepts and décor. Made from the bark of Cork Oak, Read More

Muted Contemporary Chic

Rounded surfaces and solid colours are the undeniable charms of contemporary style. This design concept focusses on the contrast between colours and lines. Find Read More