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Playing with Pastel

Pastel is often associated with babies and young one because of its ability to calm. These soft hues are great for individuals seeking for a subtle style. For t Read More

Going Darker: Black Bedrooms

In interior design, dark colours exude feelings of mystery and sophistication. Many gear away from these colours as it is can be harsh on the overall design. T Read More

Decorating Your Surfaces

Vignettes in an interior space take one peek into the home-owner's personality. It hints the direction as to where the design of the space is going. Whethe Read More

Putting Frames in Perspective

Frames has cemented itself as one of the must have décor items in modern interior design. The use of these angular ornaments can be used to provide definition Read More

Polish Up Your Space with Brass

Certain interior spaces seem to have this unexplained elegance about it. For starters, it does not have to take a celebrity interior decorator to create a polis Read More

5 Kids Themed Bedrooms

The bedroom is a place where the little one can unfurl their imaginations. Whether it be a place for rest or play, a significant amount of time will be spent in Read More

Pointers for a Modern Chic Abode

Chic, unadulterated and modern are the ambience most young city dweller seek to achieve from the overall design of their home. This swanky abode is not difficul Read More

Table Setting for the New Year

Reunion dinner is a time where relatives from near and far gather. It is also the best excuse to plan for a beautiful table setting fit for the occasion. The d Read More

Seating for a Small Living Area

For the design to flow seamlessly in a small living area, it is important that the furnishing are scaled down to accommodate to the space. The seating are the f Read More

Chic décor for Chinese New Year

Red, red and more red. This strong and imposing colour signifies prosperity in the Chinese culture. Though it may be so, the modern home owners may feel daunted Read More