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Tips to De-Clutter your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most challenging places to de-clutter. These simple solutions will assist in keeping your kitchen organized which will allow you to en Read More

5 Office Design Trends to Supercharge your Workspace

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Color Trends in the Living Room

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Classic Boho Bathroom

Make a big impact with limited space and create your own Bohemian Chic style bathroom, while maintaining the vintage and original rustic features of your proper Read More

Space Saving Mini Bars

The fact is, not many of us have the luxury of space in our home. That does not mean that you should short change yourself of unwinding at the end of the day. T Read More

5 Creative Wall Designs

Walls set the boundaries of a room space. While white walls are often reign as a default look for a room, 2015 calls for an outpouring of creativity. Here are 5 Read More

Elements of Ice and Fire: Marble and Wood

Marble is known to be a design element that gives off the feeling of opulence and excess. This coveted natural material instils a feeling of timelessness and ac Read More

Sequinned Interiors

If one ever considers to bring shine into their space, sequins can do the job just as well as crystals and reflective surfaces. These tiny and sparkly discs pac Read More

Colouring Industrial Spaces

Industrial spaces are known to be stark and daunting. Harsh colours and materials are often used to portray a worn and unpolished look. For those with a lover f Read More

Black and Wood

Synonymous with sophistication, black has been used extensively in spaces to create a sense of urban refinement. When black meets a warm element such as wood, o Read More