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Artistic Workspaces

Every artist, no matter dealing with what sort of creative fare requires a conducive workspace that caters to their work efficiency and encourages inspiration. Read More

Making it Mid Century

It is not surprising that the mid century concept is often confused by the psychedelic interiors of the 70s' Retro concept. Mid century concepts is one tha Read More

Appreciating Minimalistic Baths

'Less is more', an idea best defined by the minimalist concept. Sometimes, a bath space is one that does not require extravagant lighting and décor. Read More

Bringing tropical elements into your home

With the coming of the warmer months, it might be a good time to bring in some fun with summer themed furnishing and patterns. Palm trees and pineapples are jus Read More

Balancing a Dark Themed Dining

Strong and sophisticated are words that describe dark coloured spaces. Most may feel that it can be overly intense for communal spaces, however, with a careful Read More

Fusing with Industrial Concept

The industrial concept is a design that highlight the beauty of each material used in the space. Unpolished materials such as concrete is often used to bring ac Read More

5 Tips to Create a Harmonious Vibe

The home is a sanctuary for the wearied soul. Creating a happy vibe to uplift your spirit does not mean that you have to remodel your whole space. This just req Read More

Delightful Nursery for the Little One

Welcoming the little one takes more than just preparing a space for the nursery. When decorating, one should consider what stimulates and create a point of inte Read More

Fitting in a Black Interior

To make any interior space work, black is a necessary inclusion in the design. When one seeks to use black as a main colour theme for the space, it promises an Read More

Creating an Ergonomic Kitchen

The kitchen is a function focussed space in a home. The design of this space should reflect the lifestyle of the home-owner without the expense of efficiency. T Read More