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A Space Out of This World

A place of endless charm and wonder, the outer space has been intriguing mankind for millennia. Bring this immeasurable curiosity into your space by incorporati Read More

Building your Guest Room

One should take absolute care when creating a guest room. Much like one's bedroom, it should reflect a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere where a guest can en Read More

Bring out the Animal Prints

Animal prints are one of the few patterns that many may steer clear from. Known as something that gives off a flamboyant vibe, it is something that can be adopt Read More

Colouring Your Space Green

Green, the colour of nature that exudes a certain feeling of calm and tranquillity. As a collectively harmonious colour, shades and tints of green is able to ea Read More

Set in Marsala

One of the colour trends for 2015 is Marsala. This richer than burgundy, deeper than wine hue is bringing attention back to bolder colours. Here are some ideas Read More

Decorating An Open Concept Home

One might feel that staying in an open concept space may lack privacy. This space shows how privacy can be respected with ingenious designs while providing app Read More

Muted Contemporary Chic

Rounded surfaces and solid colours are the undeniable charms of contemporary style. This design concept focusses on the contrast between colours and lines. Find Read More

Playing with Pastel

Pastel is often associated with babies and young one because of its ability to calm. These soft hues are great for individuals seeking for a subtle style. For t Read More

Going Darker: Black Bedrooms

In interior design, dark colours exude feelings of mystery and sophistication. Many gear away from these colours as it is can be harsh on the overall design. T Read More

Setting the Tone with Wallpapering

Wallpapers are not a widely used option in South East Asia. Still, this design element is great in creating illusion, focal point and ambience in a space. Here Read More