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Metallic Swanky Spaces

Chic and almost daunting, metals are materials that are thought to be difficult to meld around spaces. It is not wrong to think that way, but if one decided to Read More

Bold and Beautiful Coloured Spaces

Intensity, vibrancy and power are words often used to describe bright and bold colours. To create a statement space with strong personality, incorporate bold c Read More

Scandinavian Pastel

The Scandinavian style is a well balanced mix of design and functionality. A concept made for lovers of colour and comfort, it is not unusual to find the use of Read More

Creating An Industrial Space

The stripped down nature of the industrial concept is the very reason why many fall in love with this rugged, unkempt design. Discover how to create this raw de Read More

A Taste for The Neutral

Grey is a neutral colour that brings the attention to other design aspects. But what if grey is made the focal point, how will this usually uninterested colour Read More

Accenting with Touches of Gold

Gold , a colour of regal quality and sophistication. There were days that it was thought to be everything dated. However, with the right complementing pieces, t Read More

Creating Your Scandinavian Pad

The Scandinavian design takes consideration of all things functional, comfortable when creating home that is well loved. Here are some tips to creating your ver Read More

Metals and Neutrals

Black and white are synonymous with modern sophistication living. However, these neutrals may appear 2D and detached. One way to elevate the overall sensory of Read More

Rustic Modern

The modern concept is known to be heavy and can give off a serious impression. To prevent this modish look from being overly severe, fusing a little rustic char Read More

Introducing Tribal Prints

Tribal prints are a reflection of the vibrancy of the culture. Incorporate this zest into your living space by mixing and matching these intricate designs with Read More