17 Ideas Found

Of the Same Kind

Walls are the canvases of the home. They offer a place for the creativity to blossom. Rather than putting up the conventional painting, why not try to reinvent Read More

A Simple Entrance

Entrances came in many forms. Most feels that only grand entrances leave an impression, however, simplicity does its fair share of creating an impact. Read More

Step Up on Stair Design

Decor on stairs are much neglected. But if one were to put a little effort into decorating this common space, it can do wonders to the overall concept of your s Read More

Drawn to the Fine Metallic Walls

Be drawn like flies to the magic, that is - metallic wallpapers. These wallpapers take on more life than matte finishes, for one it adds dimension to a flat spa Read More

Crossing the Narrow Entryway

The entry way makes the first impression of what the entire home looks like, as such, most would want it to be as grand and spacious. However, not all homes are Read More

It's just Bold Red

Red on its own is a harsh color. It is bold and uncompromising, gives an impression of strength and power. Not an easy colour to play around with, but if you ar Read More

Framing Awesome

Frames has been one of the hottest trend when it comes to interior decorating. And today, it’s more than just having three framed pictures hanging in a row. E Read More