75 Ideas Found

Colouring Industrial Spaces

Industrial spaces are known to be stark and daunting. Harsh colours and materials are often used to portray a worn and unpolished look. For those with a lover f Read More

Black and Wood

Synonymous with sophistication, black has been used extensively in spaces to create a sense of urban refinement. When black meets a warm element such as wood, o Read More

Making it Mid Century

It is not surprising that the mid century concept is often confused by the psychedelic interiors of the 70s' Retro concept. Mid century concepts is one tha Read More

Creating Luxurious Spaces: Marble

When one speaks of luxurious interior décor, marble is definitely on the list. This precious rock has seen its way into lavish palaces and home. Whether in sla Read More

Make a Bold Point in your Kitchen

The kitchen is often designed to give off a hospitable vibe. While light colours are a favourite choice due to its ability to last for the long haul, bright hue Read More

Unique Storage for the Bath

The limited space of the bathroom means that one has to find ways to maximise the storage units in this function focussed area. Storage systems do not have to b Read More

Creating an Ergonomic Kitchen

The kitchen is a function focussed space in a home. The design of this space should reflect the lifestyle of the home-owner without the expense of efficiency. T Read More

Bar Top Dining

Bar top counters are gaining popularity for its space saving, yet chic aesthetics. Often as built into the kitchen counters, it offers a space that is multi fun Read More

Runner's High

Speaking about décor, table and floor runners are often the least of one's mind. Just like carpets and rugs, runners provide more than just a décor to th Read More

Creating Clean Cut Kitchens

Sleek spells sophistication in this urban jungle. To accommodate the space restraints, the best way is to keep to the minimalist way of thinking. Take inspirati Read More