75 Ideas Found

Table Setting for the New Year

Reunion dinner is a time where relatives from near and far gather. It is also the best excuse to plan for a beautiful table setting fit for the occasion. The dà Read More

Add Character to White Kitchens

White spaces are a dream to doll up. For one, these blank canvases provide you the opportunity to mould the ambience of the room according to your personality. Read More

Decorating your Kitchen

A kitchen should be a space that encompasses everything human. Apart from the usual kitchen appliances and wares, take into consideration how these décor ideas Read More

A Taste for The Neutral

Grey is a neutral colour that brings the attention to other design aspects. But what if grey is made the focal point, how will this usually uninterested colour Read More

Deciding on the best Kitchen Layout

There are a thousand and one kitchen layouts, but only one can truly fit your floorspace and working style. Before deciding, learn more about how each layout ca Read More

Nooks and Crevices

Finding room to accommodate your lifestyle can be challenging in a small space. One has to be conscientious when planning the décor and functionality of the sp Read More

Shelving Ideas for the Kitchen

Shelving in kitchens are almost as important as the ingredients to make some fine cuisine. Most times serving a functional purpose, it can also be used as a for Read More

Bistro Lover's Paradise

Have a love for the cafe or bistro ambience? This look will be simple to pull off once you have the know hows. The only thing to remember is to get equipped wit Read More

A Chef's Organised Mess

When you work in the kitchen, it is important to know where everything is, least you spend too much time searching and risking a burnt pot. Find the best way to Read More

Home Bars for the Casual Drinkers

Alcoholic beverages is now within hands'reach with your very own mini bar. Whether to entertain your guests with fancy signature cocktails or just to chill Read More