75 Ideas Found

Patterns for the Kitchen

Kitchens can be more than its usual solid colour scheme. Inject life into this space by incorporating patterns and be inspired to recreate family favourites and Read More

An Island Away

The island is luxurious addition to any kitchen. For most reasons, having an island would mean that you posses quite a bit of space to mould your culinary skill Read More

Working in a Small Kitchen

An ideal kitchen is one large enough to accommodate all your top chef worthy appliances. However, given that many homes do have space constraints, the ideal kit Read More

Banquette for the Cosy Seekers

Banquettes are less often used than any other type of dining seating. Tucked into a small corner, it exudes a sense of cosiness for diners. Perhaps a small dini Read More

It's just Bold Red

Red on its own is a harsh color. It is bold and uncompromising, gives an impression of strength and power. Not an easy colour to play around with, but if you ar Read More