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Wonderful 3D Wall Art to transform your space

A funky trend to decorate your walls is to apply 3D wall panels, creating an interesting three dimensional textured effect that adds that wow effect to your sp Read More

Deciding upon which upholstery fabric type to choose PART 2

Because there are so many types and different compositions of fabrics to choose from, we bring you part two to assist you in your decision making process. Read More

Deciding upon which upholstery fabric type to choose PART 1

With so many fabric choices available each with its unique feature and purpose, one cannot help but feeling somewhat indecisive. With this two-part blog on the Read More

What to consider when planning to accessorize your space

Can you imagine a cake without icing, a little black dress without the jewelry or a gift without the wrapping? Just as important as these touches are to the fin Read More

The top lighting trends revealed for 2015

Lighting design is fast becoming more creative and original. With endless possibilities in 2015 it’s all about how lighting can be used as decoration as well Read More

Best ideas for flooring in commercial lobby spaces

From carpet tiles to concrete flooring, here are some of today's emerging commercial flooring trends, simply because of the great longstanding qualities an Read More

The four types of color schemes and how they look

In order to practically interpret the four types of color schemes, you will need a color wheel as a guide. All the color schemes are made up of color combinati Read More

How to decide upon the colors for your color scheme

Decorating and finishing an interior space can be be quite daunting when it comes to deciding upon the final color scheme and tones. Here are some tips on wher Read More

Creative Blackboard script that everyone loves

Have you seen the blackboard typography lately? That's because it is a global mega trend that people can't get enough of. The ease of application and Read More

This year's Fall trends to inspire all designers

Making an impact in this year's emerging fall trends are the use of mixed materials and bold geometric patters all to form a warm and inviting ambiance to Read More