33 Ideas Found

Walking into a Wardrobe

The dream of any fashion lover is undeniably the walk in wardrobe. It is a private space for the storing of all your prized high fashion pieces,and a place that Read More

Head Up for Headboards

Headboards don't really serve the function of room decor. That's the thought you will have before you realise how wrong you can be. Look at headboards Read More

A Chef's Organised Mess

When you work in the kitchen, it is important to know where everything is, least you spend too much time searching and risking a burnt pot. Find the best way to Read More

Alternative Wardrobe Ideas

The conventional wardrobe may be boring to some and to some extent, take up quite a bit of space. For the décor concious, why not consider various forms of alt Read More

Shelving The Good Stuff

Shelves are storage for more than just books, it can act as a form of décor. See its potential as a décor feature and tear away from its usual run of the mill Read More

Plans for Sunday Laundry

The laundry room is probably the single most used room in the home. That said, hours would be spent on sorting colours and whites, drying, ironing and folding. Read More

Home for the Toys

Stepping on a Lego brick is by no means a painless affair. Storage for all your little one's toys is therefore important. Inculcate this good habit by havi Read More

What Lies Under the Stairs

One almost wasted space in your home is likely one that is under the stairs. Over the years, most people converted it into some form of storage. Today, there ar Read More

Home Libraries in Every Sense

Libraries have this charms about them. Book lovers would argue that it's the smell of old books or even the the touch of paper on their finger tips. Either Read More

For the Space Saving Individuals

There are many design and decor restrictions when it comes to small spaces. With more homes turning compact, people are turning to alternative furnishings. Marv Read More