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This year's Fall trends to inspire all designers

Making an impact in this year's emerging fall trends are the use of mixed materials and bold geometric patters all to form a warm and inviting ambiance to Read More

Color themes in your room and how they affect your mood

Ever wondered what colors can do to enhance your mood? Below we have listed four primary colors and how they can enhance the mood experienced in certain areas. Read More

Decorate with flowers for spring

Spring means new beginnings and what better way to celebrate new beginnings than with fresh new flowers. Below are some ideas to decorate with flowers for Sprin Read More

Spring Fashion trends translated into Chic Interiors

Fashion week shouldn't just be about clothing. Haute Couture spills into home design through the follow trends below: Read More

Nature-Inspired Design Trends

The best interior design is inspired by nature encompassing the natural balance it creates through the use of effortless natural patterns and calming harmony. Read More

Kids Flooring Ideas

Kids tend to play on the floor therefore a good and soft floor covering is recommended that is hard wearing and in most cases stain repellent. Here are a few id Read More

Latest in Flooring Trends

Flooring will always be a decorating trend and with this rapid growing market we like to stay up to date with the latest trends such as these we have sourced fo Read More

Dining room trends

If you are in the process of updating your dining room, here are some of the latest dining room trends for 2015. Read More

A powder room to make a statement

Your guests should always feel welcome and impressed with your powder room. Below are ways to implement various styles into your powder room. Read More

Small-space design rules to break

Designing a small space need not have to be the way the rule book prescribes it to be. Bellow are designs proving that breaking the rules can be rewarding. Read More