579 Dining Design Ideas
Browse dining room portfolios from top renovation contractors and interior designers in Singapore for ideas on designing your dining area layout.

The dining area is a simple space where we gather and have our meals together. Though simple, renovating and furnishing your dining area is no simple task.
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When designing your dining room, there are several things that you need to consider. Here are some design tips for your dining area:

Dining Table  -   How big should it be?

Before you plunge into a purchase for a dining table, think about the number of people the dining area can sit, and how often do you host gatherings at home. If your extended family lives nearby, a larger dining table might be a worthy investment.

Do remember to measure your dining area carefully and leave spaces for chair movements so that everyone would be able to get in and out without effort.

Colors & Lightings  -   Classy or Cozy

Make use of colors and lightings to define a theme for your dining area without compromising on space. Go black and grey for a contemporary modern theme, or white and light brown for a cozy nordic look.

Extravagant chandeliers might not be suitable for a typical Singapore HDB home, but you can still achieve the classy elegant look with simpler crystal lightings and a large mirror to enhance the effect.

Accessorise & Decorate!

Add a fun centerpiece or customize your own terrarium to decorate and liven up your dining area.

Contemporary Style Interior Design

A contemporary home design typically refers to a design theme that is current and trendy at the moment. To achieve a contemporary look for your home, use simple and sleek geometric designs for your furnitures and colors such as neutrals, black and white as your main theme color. Keep in mind that the finished design should look spacious and sophisticated, so every piece of furniture and decor should be chosen carefully to help achieve this look.