12 Outdoor Design Ideas
Browse outdoor design portfolios from top renovation contractors and interior designers in Singapore for ideas on designing your outdoor space.

Decorating the outdoor areas of your home such as the balcony or garden can be quite a challenge and frequently neglected but it is often the place that leaves the deepest impression.
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The sky is the limit when designing the outdoor area of your private home in Singapore, here are some areas to take note before your renovation:

What can I do with my landscape

Depending on your requirements, you can consider setting up small vegetable gardens in your front or back yard, or transform it into a resort style relaxing area with comfy lounge chairs and maybe a barbeque pit.

Important factors that you will need to consider is the climate in Singapore, and the maintenance required.If you enjoy family time at the lawn with a glass of wine, you will need shelters to protect your furniture from the rain. However, if you have a busy lifestyle, a beautiful water feature is low maintenance yet pleasing to the eye.

Plan your budget and do price comparison

Renovating your landed property can get really costly so it would be wise to survey the market and plan your budget beforehand to avoid getting a shock.
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Traditional Style Interior Design

Traditional style home designs are classy, without fussy details. This style gives off a comfortable appeal to any age group. It can be easily recognised from its typical matching furnishing and symmetrical elements

In terms of colors, the Traditional style rarely stray from neutrals such as ivory and cream.

Grey Color

Grey is a neutral color that works well with most colors. When using grey in large areas, take caution that varying shades and tints of grey can evoke different feelings. This is why it is important to know what is you ambience you would like to brings across before deciding on the type of grey used.