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ELLINTON Design Management started out as Cosyview Design Management.

When it first inaugurated in 2005 it was primarily to provide designing services to Architects, Developers and Renovators. Over the years, we have gathered a group of top notch professionals in respective fields of trade, who are not only skilled but are also committed in meeting our quality standards.

We are also proud to develop a unique DPP System (Design & Project Protocol system) in transforming good ideas into practical designs, and practical designs into attainable realities.

We know that a good design practice can help lay a strong foundation for success in the development phase. As such, we took much effort and time in ensuring every little and minor details are taken into careful consideration. To give you better value, we choose to keep our corporate structure lean and overheads to a minimum to bring you good designs at affordable rates.

In January 2014, we formed a strategic alliance with Chern Hock Renovation & Trdg. Contr. Pte. Ltd, a BCA/HDB license company with its own skilled workforce to integrate common resources and further enhance executional capabilities.

ELLINTON is special, simply because we care. With over 75% of our projects being referred by our customers. Despite fierce competition, we are retaining 80% of our customers, of which are so satisfied that their next house will still be designed and managed by us.

All you need to do is simply drop us a mail for an opportunity to present our ideas to you with no obligation of any kind. By doing so, we promise that you’ll never regret making this decision today.

  • Member Since: May 09, 2014
  • Address: No 27
    Carisbrooke Grove Singapore 558800
  • Tel: 62836642
  • Fax: 63280050
  • http://www.ellinton.com.sg
  • Company Reg. No.: 53046448M
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