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The free key to your dream home.

The right key to enter a beautiful home, or a home you dreamt of ever since you planned to buy a house, you need interior designers that are compassionate, professional and helpful. What Free Quotation can give you is not just free quotes, but we can give you what you need and want. Most home owners are not sure of what would be best for their needs. That is when our professional skills and knowledge comes in. Never be afraid to make your dream a reality.

Free Quotation started with a dream. Just like anyone else, we wish that everyone can live in a magnificent house. Back in the days, most families never had a chance to live in a nice home in Singapore, due to the large family size and small apartment with poor living conditions. As years goes by, interior designing became very popular due to the excellent growth of Singapore population. The demand of designers was in need for new homes that were built. In 2010, Free Quotation started its first project of a person’s dream house. Free Quotation aims to help everyone that wish to live in a home that meets their needs and wants; their dream home.

Today in Free Quotation, we are a team of interior designers that work closely together to help home owners to achieve their dream homes. With experiences over 20 years, we are confident to provide you our professional consultations, interior designing and to responsible for every step of your fruitful journey of renovating your homes to meet your expectations. What you will get from us is the most personalized service out there.

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I really like your 3D drawing design ! Keep it up ! =)