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Well-designed kitchens often end up being the heart of the home. It goes beyond providing a space for cooking and storage of food. This is the place where great conversations take place whilst bonding over a good meal, where mom catches up on her child’s day as they pack their lunch boxes whilst dad experiments with delectable oven roasted ribs. It is the setting in which grandma lovingly prepares soup to nourish the family with aunty by the side, sharing the latest news about the family. Mouth-watering smells waft out to the rest of the home enticing the family within. With the ever decreasing floor space available for our homes in this modern age, the kitchen increasingly occupies an integral space within our daily living habits. Activities are no longer so clearly delineated between the living, dining and kitchen spaces.

Over at Vabene Kitchen and Bath (Singapore)’s new showroom at Ubi, several of the kitchens on display embody this shift in the changing landscape of kitchen and living room design. Bringing to Singapore the latest range of kitchen designs from Italian company Vitali Cucine, these designs offer quality workmanship packed into sleek contemporary designs that meets the needs of our modern lifestyles.

The showcased “NATURA”, “KREA” and “EMI” from Vitali Cucine's range of kitchens exemplify this shift in the culture of kitchen spaces, with niches carved out to integrate with the living room designs seamlessly. There is deliberate placement of dining areas integrated into the kitchen, allowing family conversations to be inclusive and for better utlisation of space. The array of kitchen designs available are wide, able to cater to the different styles used in every household. The types of finishes run the full gamut of high gloss lacquer to laminates in natural styles, colour range available are up to 180 different types.

The designs brought into Singapore under the Vabene Kitchen and Bath umbrella, include a wide range of vanity cabinets by Magi Agostino. These unique designs feature a range of countertops that range from elegant textured glass tops as well as bold colours that can be a striking design feature adding life into the clean designs usually favoured by modern designs. Look out for the sexy curved lacquered cabinets and the textured glass tops with integrated basins unique to Magi Agostino.

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