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Hi-octane glamour and subtle sophistication mark this lovely home at Ripley Crescent. The long, wide driveway leads up to a canopied parking area and a sprawling large home. This prestigious home was quite easy to renovate, due to its expansive space and classic delineations. Instead of going for the orthodox black-and-white theme to denote sophistication, the designer opted for neutral beige tones. The living area was kept clean and simple, with the entertainment corner as the focal point. A large L-shaped sofa was added to give the homeowners maximum comfort when hanging out and lounging about.

A patio lounge serves a multitude of purposes. For one, you can opt to enjoy a casual dinner over cheery conversations in your patio. Or, you can also just lounge around and take in the sight of your beautiful garden as you sip your cup of tea. Whatever the purpose may be, a patio lounge is sure a great aesthetic addition to any home.

As simplistic and elegant as the living room is the fully-functional kitchen. The modern, posh and spacious kitchen makes it easier for the homeowners to prepare their meals and cook.