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A minimalist theme doesn't necessarily mean barren furnishing. The designers for this home managed to address the problems that many homes in Singapore face - space constraints. Storage space is not compromised despite having minimal furniture. With clever additions of shelves and abundance of built-in furniture, this home cozy home is sophisticated without relying too much on fancy frills.

The glossy, sparkly floor in the shared areas create a clean, spacious look, while the wood tiles in the bedrooms add on to the must-have cozy vibes of the bedrooms.
Curtains, while usually overlooked, are just as important as any other part of the home. The curtains are uniform throughout the house, totally ingenious ideas. The designers thoughtfully installed curtains with two layers – one to block out the strong sunlight almost entirely, and another layers allows smaller trickles of natural light to stream in, thus creating different moods and atmosphere.
Minimalist and comfortable, this is a versatile home that will never go out of fashion.