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Vibrant, bright and comforting are the best three words to describe this lovely home. The patterned rug, red sofa pillows, red ceiling fan and red couch add drama. Yet the large window, pristine floor and artistic wall design simply refuse to compromise the living room's soothing appeal. Most would argue that a full wall feature can overpower a small living room. In this case, however, it perfectly complements the space. The television is mounted in a large wooden entertainment center, which also helps keep the clutter at bay. For the family who loves music, a piano is a lovely addition to the living area.

Just meters away from the quirky living room is the dining area-cum-study. Shelves line up along one side, filled with books and children's school stuffs. On the other side of the wall are the kitchen cupboards, large refrigerator and oven. Ingenious, really. The long white table along the center serves both as the kids' study area and as a dining table for the whole family. And if that's not clever enough, note the wine shelf at the end of the long dining table.

The master bedroom has a very distinct resort feel, reminiscent of Bali or Phuket beach cottages. The concentration of wood and soft lighting create an ambience that is definitely very relaxing. The kids' bedroom is another ingenious choice. A small mattress is placed on top of a large bed frame. Once the kids reach their teens, it would be off with the mattress while still retaining the bed frame. A large shelf is great for storing the stuffed animals and preventing clutter inside the bedroom.