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Commercial Interior Design & Renovation
Singapore, Singapore

Our design director, Ramonda Schwieder, has loved interior design from young. She remembered fondly making doll houses out of shoe boxes for her dolls, creating rooms using cut out match boxes. She drew and painted the space with pencils and crayons.‚Äč

She has always been called "Skinny Girl" from the age of 5. In honor of her relatives, classmates, and friends, she labeled this design firm, Skinny Girl Design. Ramonda has worked in 2 top interior design firms in the USA. Her team's projects included basketball player, Vince Carter's 40,000 sq. ft. home as well as Tiger Wood's residence.

At Skinny Girl Design, we love to create and customise space that suits your living life style, your pecularity, your passion and love. Admit it, we are all different and we love it that our space stands out from others.

We take each project with dedication and a passion for the design. Listening and advising according to each client's needs. We take pride in the process. From sketches to computer drawings to selection of finishes and execution of the design, we guide you to the end.

Our elation arises from seeing your beaming and satisfied face when you see how we have, along working with you, our clients, brought the concept into a beautiful reality! We want you to enjoy the new space with pride, to share it with people you care about - your family, your customers, your employees.

Let us start this journey together and make your vision come true!

Skinny Girl Creative & Managing Team

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